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A solution for merchants who are working to
fraudulent refunds
, forever.

Easy Integration, Effortless Protection

We scan every transaction to identify known fraudsters and save you money.


Flag High Risk Customers

Using the Disputify network, risky customers are identified and instantly flagged. You are then notified before the order is dispatched.

Protection from Refund Fraud

Known fraudsters who look for loopholes in your refund process are identified and flagged, so your store is protected.

Community Approach to protection

With Disputify, merchants are able to share insights on known fraudulent customers quickly and safely, without compromising their commercial sensitive information. Together we are making e-Commerce a space place to do business.

Always in the loop

Disputify allows you to distinguish between legitimate refunds and risky refunds to allow you to transact with confidence.

'Instaflag' Bad Customers

Instaflag suspicious customers or even customers who are known to be difficult, so that they are instantly flagged, and you are notified whenever they attempt to make a purchase.

Easily configurable notifications

Choose from SMS, Email and Browser notifications, so you never miss an alert that needs your attention. This applies to your team as well!