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Refund Fraud is more common than you think.

Not every refund request is legitimate.

Disputify flags customers who have a known pattern of claiming:

"I never received my item"

30% of customers admit to falsely claiming that an order never arrived to obtain a refund.

"My item doesn't fit"

53% of merchants have reported an issue of customers ordering products, wearing them purposely then sending them back.

"My box was partially empty"

50% of attempts contained a less valuable item, with the customer claiming the more valuable item was missing.

"My product was faulty"

Many customers will report a product as fault, just to receive a replacement or a refund after using it extensively.

Identify risky paterns of customer behaviour.

Through smart analysis of your customer data, we leverage millions of data points in our network to alert you of risky customers.

  • Hands off coverage against refund fraud
  • Works in conjunction your exisiting tools
  • 100% coverage across your entire store

The added layer of order protection.

Drive revenue, reduce loss and better understand your customers.

Simple Pricing

Free forever for merchants doing under 100 transactions p/mth. Plans start at $29 p/mth.

Simple Setup

Within 30 seconds, have Disputify scanning all your store's orders for refund fraud.

Seemless Integration

Disputify fits into your exisiting workflow and works with exisiting tools.

Automate Your Response

Customise a rules engine to enable a hands off approach to refund fraud management.

Tailor Policy Enforecement

For high risk orders, automate flows like customer verification, 2FA, require signature on delivery and much more.

24/7 Support

Any problems? We have your back! Our dedicated support team is able to help at any stage.

Fastest Integration in The Industry.

Install Disputify into your store in under 30 seconds.

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